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What is the best way to get started with Bitcoin?


Trading Bitcoin via online broker is easiest way to get started.

  • no wallet is needed.
  • setting up an account takes only a few minutes.
  • you can potentially make profit when Bitcoin goes down (Short Option).
  • you can trade Bitcoin with *leverage
* leverage involves high risk.
Why to trade Bitcoin with an online broker?
It is Faster
Getting Started with an online broker is the fastest way to start trading Bitcoin.
Go Short Option
Potentially make profit even when the price of Bitcoin is going down.
Trade All Major Altcoins
Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Monero & more.
No Wallet Is Needed
Set up a trading account is a few minutes.
Highly Volatile
As a trader, you can enjoy a lot of trading opportunities as the currency price is swinging.
Trade with *Leverage
20:1 leverage (you can trade with $1,000 as if you had $20,000).