Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 24th, 2018

This is the privacy policy (the “Policy”) of the website operated by Seperia, of 6 Galgalei Haplada St., Herzliya Pituach, Israel (the “Company”, “We,” Us”, “Our”).

The Company is committed to securing your Personal Data and your privacy. According to this commitment We will uphold the following principles:


  • To be transparent in respect of the collection and processing of Personal Data about you:

It is important to Us that at all times you will have all of the information required in order for you to make educated decisions about the processing of Personal Data about you. For this purpose, We will make use of various techniques and measures aimed to provide you with relevant information about the processing of Personal Data about you, in the proper manner and timing.

Our complete privacy policy is intended to provide you with the widest understanding of the types of Personal Data collected by Us and the manner in which We process it. It is therefore vital that you will review it at the first possible opportunity and from time to time.

In addition, where We find that you are required to be provided with specific information, We will provide it to you in the appropriate time and place.

We will also be happy to answer any question you have and provide you with any clarification you require, subject to legal limitations. For this purpose, you can approach customer service at:


  • To process Personal Data about you solely for the purposes outlined in the Policy:

The purposes for which We can process Personal Data about you include, inter alia, the provision of Our products and services requested by you, enhancing the user experience in Our products and services, to improve Our products and services, to protect Our rights and interests, to perform business and administrative activity that supports the provision of Our products and services to Our customers and/or to uphold any legal and/or regulatory requirements. The entire list of the purposes for which We use Personal Data about natural persons is listed in section 6 in the Policy.

In addition, We will process Personal Data about you in order to understand your personal needs and preferences and provide you with personally tailored offers. You may request at any time that We will stop sending you personally tailored offers, and We will act according to such a request.


  • To invest significant resources in order to respect your rights in connection with Personal Data about you:

We apply significant resources in order to allow you to exercise your rights as a data subject. Therefore, you may approach Us any time you wish to review Personal Data about you, to have us amend it, erase it, cease using it for specific purposes or in general or that We will transfer it to you or to a third party, and We will fulfill your wishes in accordance with the law.


  • To secure Personal Data about you:

While We cannot promise absolute protection of the Personal Data about you, We can promise that We use and will continue to use a wide array of means and measures that are aimed ensuring that the Personal Data about you is secured.


Our Complete Privacy Policy

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